Sports Blues 2020 Winners

Sports Person of the Year

Bronwyn Dibb (Trampoline)


Team of the Year

UC Viperettes (Womens Rugby)


Official of the Year

Hamish Dale (Basketball)


Coach of the Year

Piet Van Hasselt (Basketball)


Outstanding Contribution to UC Sports

Jared Brixton (Rugby)

Sport Blue

Julia Harrison (Archery)

Luke Mercieca (Athletics)

Eliza Meekings (Athletics)

Max Attwell (Athletics (Decathlon))

Jenny Zhu (Badminton)

Tessa Stewart Morrison (Basketball)

Mac Stodart (Basketball)

Jack Exeter (Basketball)

William O'Rourke (Cricket)

Thomas Zohrab (Cricket)

Nick Lidstone (Hockey, and cricket)

Edmund Fordyce (Croquet)

Cameron Jones (Cross-country Mountain biking)

Conor Shearing (Cycling)

Lucy Thomson (Cycling)

Firdaus Shairi (FIFA 20 E-Sports)

Margot Willis (Hockey)

Charlotte Lee (Hockey)

Felix Rolls (Hockey)

Moss Jackson (Hockey)

Caitlin-Judith Heale (Ice Hockey)

Hayley Mackey (JUDO)


Britney Aldridge (Karate)

Juliet McLachlan (Karate)

Juliet Robertson (Korfball)

Daisy Forsythe (Rowing)

Jamie Hindle-Daniels (Rowing)

Ricky Kiddle (Rowing)

Murphy Waters (Rowing)

Grace Brooker (Rugby Union)

Blair Murray (Rugby Union)

Lucy Jenkins (Rugby Union)

Steven Drabble (Surf Life Saving)

Quinton Hurley (Swimming)

Sarita de Gouw (Rugby)

Charlotte Bush (Touch Rugby)

Bronwyn Dibb (Trampoline)

Oscar Cunningham (Ultimate Frisbee)

Luke Rabe (Ultimate Frisbee)

Becky Farr (Ultimate Frisbee)

Ella Ferguson (Volleyball)

Jacob Ceelen-Thomas (Volleyball)

Chloe Mikaera (Volleyball)

Sports Recognition Award

Hamish Dale (Basketball (Referee))

McKynlee Breen (Netball(Referee))

Jean Kozyniak (Athletics (Coach))

Michael Wilson (Rugby (Coach))

Mike Rowe (Rugby (Coach))

Piet Van Hasselt (Basketball (Coach))


Lily Nicol (Basketball (Service))

Jared Brixton (Rugby (Service))

UC Mens Basketball (Basketball)

UC Viperettes (Rugby)

UC Motorsport (Motorsport)