Mental Health Awareness Poster Design Competition

Unleash your creativity and become a beacon for change in our community. This competition invites you to share your unique perspective on mental health and wellbeing through art. By crafting posters that represent the '5 Ways to Wellbeing,' you'll be contributing to a nationwide movement that aims to shape mental health awareness.

Here's How You Can Get Involved:
Express Yourself:

Design 5 posters, each capturing a distinct 'Way to Wellbeing' – 'Take Notice,' 'Give,' 'Be Active,' 'Connect,' and 'Keep Learning.' Your art will be your voice in raising mental health awareness.

Take notice Give Be active Connect Keep learning
Draw Inspiration:

Browse our resources, including a gallery of previous campaign posters, to spark your creativity. You can use these visuals for inspiration or create an entirely new concept that resonates with you.

Artistic Freedom:

Whether you're into photography, drawing, painting, or any other artistic medium, your expression is what matters. Unleash your artistic skills and let your imagination thrive.

Submission Requirements:

PNG format ONLY

Portrait, A4 sizing

Max file size of 10MB

You will not be able to edit your submission once uploaded and submitted through the form

Guidelines for Respectful Expression:

As you craft your masterpiece, please keep in mind that we're creating an inclusive space. Avoid any cursing, profanity, or inappropriate content in your artwork. Every submission will be reviewed and approved by the district health board to ensure its alignment with our message.

Join us on this creative journey to inspire change, foster mental health awareness, and become a part of our movement. Your art has the power to shape minds and transform communities. Let's make a difference together!

Key Dates:

Submissions open until September 30th

Voting period: October 4th - October 13th

Winner announcement: October 16th

The winner of the competition will receive a $200 prezzie card.

Their posters will be used by the mental health foundation as a free resource across New Zealand, and promoted by Te Mana Ora (Waitaha). Their artwork will be displayed on billboards across Christchurch thanks to Phantom BillStickers. They will have the chance to represent the student experience and be a voice for the next generation.

For any inquiries, contact