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It feels like O.Week was only yesterday but the weeks are ticking on and assessments are that little bit closer.

To help, we asked our Student Welfare Team for their top two tips for International Students this month.


One: Find out your course withdrawal dates

This is something that’s super easy to forget – until it’s too late. Instead of stressing later, take a minute to note key withdrawal dates for courses early on.

For international students, you’ll need support before courses are withdrawn as it might have implications for your visa. If this is something that you’re thinking about, have a chat with UC’s Student Advisors or Student Care, who can provide you with support early.

The key dates to know are:

  • 15 May: withdrawal from semester 1 courses without academic penalty.

For semester 2:

  • 31 July is the final date to withdraw with a full refund for semester 2 courses.
  • 2 October is the final date to withdraw without academic penalty from semester 2 courses.




Two: Understand Special Consideration

With exams coming up, it’s good to familiarise yourself with Special Consideration in case you need it.

Special Consideration for assessment is for students who have covered the work of a course but have been prevented from demonstrating their knowledge or skills at the time of the assessment due to unforeseen circumstances.

Most students will know that this includes illness, but you might not be aware that it also covers anything unexpected or unforeseeable that’s impacted on your ability to perform to your best at the time. That could be an unexpected death or illness in the family, a house burglary where study materials were stolen, and so on.

It also pays to note that Special Consideration is a time sensitive process, so if you’re thinking of applying, you’ll need to do so within five days of the assessment/exam. Applications made after the grades have come out and students find out they failed the course are not accepted by the University (sorry!). However, if you’ve been affected but sat the exam, you should still apply at the time if you aren’t sure whether you’ve done well, just in case.

Tip: UC are working on changes to the Special Consideration policy and process. UC Student Care or the UCSA’s Advocacy and Welfare Team can talk you through it if needed.

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