OpSoc on thrifting, BBQs & a mechanical bull

Describing themselves as a club that “appreciates the second hand things in life”, Opsoc burst onto the campus scene in 2014.

In the years since they’ve hosted a tonne of events, raised money for charity, and looked damn stylish doing it.

We caught up to find out more about membership.



How would you describe your club to newbies?

If you’re new, OpSoc is a collection of like-minded souls who enjoy sunny BBQ’s, good tunes and opshopping! Pre-loved clothes reign supreme with great people, accompanied by lots of food, music, and liquid refreshments.

What do you offer students?

Consider joining if you are unnaturally aroused by a sweet turtleneck, bucket hat or anything tweed. Come party with us and enjoy dress-up themes that are original, stylish and most of all cheap.

Opsoc love an event. What’s your best club memory?

The last OpSoc ball was a blast, we had a mechanical bull to test our luck on as part of the western theme, and heaps of student bands and DJs that we grooved to all night long.



What other events do you run?

Whether you’re in town for one of our famous barbeques, charity art auction or the annual OpSoc Ball, there’s something for everyone! We’ve also got some frothy new events on the horizon, such as a thrifting bus trip and multi-club event.


Does OpSoc sound like a bit of you? Signing up is easy-as, and you can do it onlineYou can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’d like to see what else the club scene has to offer, check out UCSA’s Club Database – there are around 130 to choose from.

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