Stay safe and enjoy O.Week | Tips from the NZ Police

O.Week is here! Starting Uni is an amazing time and there are loads of events to get stuck into. To help you stay safe, the NZ Police have offered up some tips:

  • Look out for your friends – if you arrive together at an event, make a plan to leave together
  • Have a glass of water or other beverage between alcoholic drinks – don’t overdo it
  • Make sure you eat some food if you are drinking
  • Keep an eye on those drinks and your bag or wallet, or let your friends mind your gear if you need to go the toilet
  • Have a designated driver, or put aside money for a taxi or bus
  • If you plan to walk late at night, walk in pairs or groups, either way, have a plan for getting home safely
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and keep it safe, so you can use it to get home.

For more info, visit the New Zealand Police website.

Planning on having a party with your mates? Remember to register it with the Good One Party Register.

Most importantly, look after yourself and your mates, and have a great time.

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