Independent Advocacy Advice

The Student Advocates are here to give you advice about your situation, explain what your options are, and also help you navigate the university system.

As employees of the UCSA, which is independent from the university, the Student Advocates are able to act on behalf of you, the student (UC staff members are limited in the ways they can act on behalf of students). The Student Advocates are able to assist you with a number of matters here at UC.

Check out our quick-guides to certain situations below, or get in touch with us for further advice about your circumstances.

If we cannot help with your situation, we can definitely put you in contact with someone who can.

How we can help

We can assist with:

  • Academic Appeals,

  • Academic Progress Review Process,

  • Grievances, Complaints, Concerns,

  • Special Consideration Applications or Late Withdrawals,

  • Dispute Resolution,

  • Disciplinary Issues.

The Student Advocate can:

  • Provide confidential independent advice and support.

  • Assist you with drafting applications and letters.

  • Attend meetings with university staff with you.

How to get help

Fill out our online form 

Intake Form

Call or email

Let us know what is going on for you. You can call (03) 369 0555 or email