Class Reps

Class Representatives are students who act as liaisons between the students in a course and the lecturers and Department that runs that course. Each course should have its own elected or volunteer Class Rep(s), whose task is to be the first point of contact for students to help resolve class issues at a low level, and thereby help to avoid bigger problems later.

Class Reps are trained and will offer guidance and support for their classmates on general course issues. This includes issues that affect the whole class, or a large number of students in the class. They can help you communicate your issues to the lecturer, and attempt to resolve these issues. Class Reps also provide feedback to the relevant UC Department/School and to the UCSA Executive about how things are going with your course or programme.

Class Reps cannot help you with individual issues. It is best to approach the lecturer yourself with these problems, or ask for advice from the UCSA Advocacy and Welfare Team by emailing


Looking for your Class Rep?

Want to become a Class Representative?

The Class Representative system is designed for undergraduate and taught-postgraduate (including the coursework components of mixed taught/research Master’s) programmes only.

Course Coordinators/lecturers are encouraged to ask for volunteers or run an election for the course's Class Rep(s) in the first few weeks of the semester. Please do not simply complete the form below to express interest in becoming a Class Rep.

Instead, please talk with your Course Coordinator/lecturer to ask about the process of becoming Class Rep for your particular course, to ensure that no other students have already volunteered or been appointed as Class Rep. Your Course Coordinator/lecturer may then open it up to other students in your course to also express interest in becoming a Class Rep.

After you have confirmed with your Course Coordinator/lecturer that you can be a Class Rep for your course, please complete the form below to register with the UCSA Class Rep system.

If you have any questions about becoming a class rep, please contact the Class Rep Coordinator at!