Pathseekers Programme

What is the Pathseekers Programme?

The Pathseekers Programme is a peer support programme where knowledgeable students are paired up with students who are wanting support from a peer. Every student at UC is on a path to seek academic knowledge, self-development and skills that will improve their career prospects. The Pathseekers Programme is for anyone who feels they would benefit from having a person to share part of this journey. Students who participate in the programme will have the opportunity to meet other students on a similar journey to learn, and grow. Pathseekers will meet and discuss their paths together.

Why should I join the Pathseekers Programme?

Students who want support from a peer, or be a Padawan to a Jedi.

  • Have a go-to person who you can meet up with a few times during the semester.
  • Introduce you to ideas and approaches that the peers have found helpful.
  • Help you connect with others.
  • Encourage you to value your strengths.
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Link you with other support services on campus that are helpful.

Volunteers who want to support a fellow student, or be the Jedi to a Padawan

  • Share your journey with someone who wants support.
  • Letter of reference for applying for jobs after completing the year.
  • Gain experience helping people.
  • Work experience for your CV.
  • Receive training in helping and working with people.
  • Make friends and form connections.

How can I get paired up with a Pathseeker volunteer?

If you would like support on your university journey through the Pathseekers Programme, please email or contact us here.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers from any discipline who are third year or above if undergrad or if you are a postgrad have been a student at UC for at least one year. We welcome students from all backgrounds including international, students with disabilities, and those who belong to the rainbow community. Apply by emailing the following documents to

  • Your CV
  • 200-500 words about why you would like to be a Pathseeker volunteer and what makes you a particularly good fit for the role.
  • The contact details of two references who you are happy for us to contact. They need to be someone who is not a member of your family or a close friend. Ideally, they need to be someone of good standing in the community or a former employer who has known you for more than 6 months. They need to be able to talk about how you are as a person.
  • Your internal transcript - You can access this by logging onto MyUC. This is so that we can get a wholistic view of your time as a student. There is no minimum GPA to apply.