Meeting People and Connecting

Meeting People and Connecting

Starting university can be the most nerve-wrecking and the most exciting experience at the same time. It is the time when you leave your comfort zone and start to try new things and meet new people.

Everyone is anxious at the start of university, and wants to connect to like-minded people on campus. It would be even better if someone would strike up a conversation with you sometimes. Because, let’s be honest, it is not everybody’s cup of tea to be the first one to start a conversation and introduce themselves to strangers.

Getting connected and getting involved are important rites of passage of university life and will make your time on campus much better. You will also end up with lots of wonderful memories of your time at university, and you may even make some life-long friends. Everyone finds it hard to make the first approach or do the Nike thing of “JUST DO IT”. There are many ways to get connected while at university though, and we have put together a few ideas to get you started.

Student Clubs

UC is known for its club culture provided through the UCSA. Whether you’re interested in academics, theatre, sports, anime – whatever – there’s probably an option for you. See the club directory.

  • Costs: Some clubs will be free, while others have fees. Check with the club before signing up.
  • Time commitment: This will vary depending on the club and your own preferences. Check with the club before signing up.
  • Can you join more than one? Absolutely.

UCSA events

The UCSA runs a full event calendar year round (even during summer school). While we do love big gigs like Tea Party (R18), we also hold a lot of smaller free activations on campus like BBQs, wellbeing expos, movie nights, workshops and more. Quite a few of our events are also tailored to groups like postgrads and international students. See what’s on.

Te Rua Makerspace

This little gem in Puaka-James Hight is where you can create, borrow tech, and craft. Head over to learn something new in their workshops, work on your own project, or even co-host an event. Find out more.

UC’s Community Gardens

If you’re looking for a moment of peace, look no further than UC’s gardens. These stunning spots are places where you can volunteer, meet new people, and take away some fresh produce. They even do cosy mini events like their movie nights. Follow them on Instagram.

UC Rec Centre

The Rec Centre offers chances to meet other students over classes or social sports. The great thing is that membership is paid for by your student levy (the basics are included). Although there are small fees for some extra activities like Small Group Training, Social Sport, and Spin Classes.

The Foundry’s weeknight rituals

The UCSA’s bar runs ‘rituals’ every weeknight during term. Our favourite is the Quiz Night on Tuesdays, but they also have great live music on Fridays. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their webpage.


If you prefer socialising online or connecting with student culture in ways that aren’t face-to-face, here are a few options.

CANTA magazine

They’ve been UC’s student media source since 1930, and they’re known for their blend of sharp satire, pop culture commentary, awkward dating stories and think pieces.

This free mag hits campus stands every fortnight during term. They’re also all over the web: Instagram, Facebook, and a website.

RDU 98.5FM

This local student radio station calls itself the only bastion of alternative radio in Christchurch. They often have UC students hosting shows, and it’s a good place to keep current with the music scene.

UCSA Noticeboard

UCSA runs a popular Facebook group where you can chat, buy-and-sell items, post notices or look for a new flat. Every student is welcome to join up, and you can apply here. We also run one dedicated to the International Community here.