UCPOLS on connections, their speaker series and a good quiz

With the world jumping from one crisis to the next, there’s never been a better time to join UCPOLS, a club that seeks to understand and explore the drama here and abroad.

This non-partisan, faculty-supported society creates a forum for all things political. And better still, it’s open to students from across all disciplines and subjects.

We caught up with them to see what they’ve got planned in ’22!



How would you describe your club to newbies?

UCPOLS is a non-partisan politics club! We’re a group of fun-loving individuals who enjoy meeting people and making meaningful connections.

What do you offer students?

We encourage students and youth to become more politically informed and active members of their community. And we offer a variety of events, which are open to everybody. To keep updated, check out UCPOLS on Facebook/Instagram!

Best club memory?

Definitely our wine and cheese night last year, the free food (and drinks) just kept coming!



What events do you run?

A variety of stuff from social events like quiz nights and cocktail nights to educational activities like our speaker series!

Does UCPOLS sound like a bit of you? Signing up is easy-as, and you can do it onlineYou can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re keen to see what else the club scene has to offer, check out UCSA’s Club Database – there are around 160 to choose from.

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