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When will the UCSA ORI ‘23 line-up be announced?

The UCSA ORI ’23 line up will be announce on Monday 9th January 2023.

When are combo tickets going on sale?

Combo tickets go on sale on the Wednesday 11th January 2023

When are individual tickets going on sale?

Individual tickets will go on sale towards the end of January.

Is there an age restriction to attend UCSA ORI ’23 Events?

The following UCSA ORI ’23 events are strictly R18.

  • UCSA ORI ’23 | Summer Stein
  • UCSA ORI ’23 | Mardi Gras

Consequently, in accordance with New Zealand liquor licensing laws we will only permit entry to these events with forms of ID approved under the Sale of Alcohol Regulations 2013:

  • Any current passport
  • A current New Zealand drivers licence
  • A current Kiwi Access Card - This new Hospitality NZ card replaces the 18+ Card and is available for both NZ nationals and foreign visitors.
  • A current Hospitality NZ 18+ Card - New 18+ Cards are no longer available but existing 18+ Cards continue to be valid ID for 10 years from the date of issue.

Physical copies only, photographs will not be accepted.

I will be 17 during UCSA ORI ‘23, what events can I go to?

We have two R17 music events; OUTSET (16/2) and TOGA (18/2) that you can attend. (Please note that some areas of the venue will be restricted to R18).

Under 18’s can also attend the Crusaders games (24/2 + more)

I’m not a UC Student, can I go to UCSA ORI ‘23?

Combo tickets are for UC Student’s only

A limited number of individual public tickets are available to Summer Stein and Mardi Gras

There are no public tickets available to OUTSET or TOGA. However, you can attend as a UC Student’s “Plus One” by purchasing a “Mates Rates” ticket.

What is a Mates Rate ticket?

So you don’t go to UC, but your best mate does? What can you do?

  1. Your UC friend buys a “UC Student GA Ticket”
  2. You buy a “Friends with Benefits ticket”
  3. You must arrive at the venue together on the night, and your UC friend needs to vouch that you are a “GC”
  4. You get in (so long as the other Conditions of Entry are met)

Each UC Student can bring 1 x Friend with Benefits to the venue... not 6! - The name on your ticket must match the name on your valid photo ID.

Can I transfers/sell my ticket if I can’t make it?

You MUST transfer your ticket via FLICKET, because the name on the ticket must match the name on the attendees R18 ID. That means no gifting it to a mate, or dodgy Facebook trades.

Transferring a ticket is essentially reselling your ticket. How it works:

  1. You email someone a link to repurchase your ticket.
  2. They repurchase it through our system and once they do this you will receive a refund for your ticket (minus fees).

If you do not wish to resell your ticket and just want to rename it, most of the time you will be able to do this. Please see our naming FAQs for more info.

Use this link for more info: Ticket Resales

The names on your ticket / student ID / photo ID must all match:

If they don’t – follow the instructions here to transfer / sell / swap your ticket.

This is the only way to change the name on a ticket.

I bought a Combo ticket, but I haven’t got my tickets yet?

You should receive a confirmation of your purchase via email from FLICKET.

Please note that you will receive an individual ticket for EACH event and these will be sent to you at least 48 hours before the event

Please make sure that you have entered the correct email address when completing your order or you will not receive your tickets.

I purchased a Combo ticket that includes Electric Ave. What time do the buses leave and do I have to use the bus?

Combo Tickets to EA are valid for entry at Haere-roa only - you will then be taken via bus to Hagley Park in the early afternoon. Bus times will differ from when Electric Ave gates open and will be confirmed closer to the event.

This is the only way you can get into EA with this ticket – no sob stories, no bribes.

I managed to lose my Canterbury card. Can I still attend?

Head to UC Security and get another Canterbury Card. (It will cost you $35, but you’re going to have to do it anyway!) UC Security are open 24/7, so no excuses for not getting a new one! If you turn up to the gate without one, we'll just send you over there anyway...

Will there be a drug checking service prior to events?

As part of wider alcohol and drug harm minimisation strategies, anonymous and free drug testing will be carried out by 'Know Your Stuff', a community organisation committed to reducing drug related harm at festivals and events.

The UCSA does not condone drug use of any kind, but we are aware of the realities that exist. Because of this, we feel harm prevention methods are necessary. Although we have little control over the intent for use, Know Your Stuff and the NZ Drug Foundation provide a service which helps to provide education and information to reach the same objective.

The date and time is still TBC.

Liquor Ban

Remember there’s a Liquor Ban in effect, so don’t be wandering the streets with any beverage or you’ll have a $250 fine to deal with.

What’s the go with Covid-19?

The event will operate in line with the New Zealand Government's COVID-19 Traffic Light System and may be revised as these guidelines are updated.

I’m not interested in music festivals or parties. What other events can I go to?

Check out our events calendar here for a full list of UCSA ORI ‘23 events – there’s plenty for everyone!

What are ticket terms and conditions for 2023?

T's & C's can be found here!