Student Choice Awards

UCSA Student Choice Awards 

Since 1995, the UCSA Student Choice Awards (formerly Staff of the Year Awards) have given students the opportunity to nominate staff members who have gone above and beyond and made a real difference to their university experience. This encompasses lecturers, supervisors, administrators, and other non-academic staff members on campus. 

The Student Choice Awards offers an opportunity to celebrate these dedicated and committed individuals in a fun way.

2022 Finalists and Winners

Faculty Lecturer Awards

  • Faculty of Arts


    • Lyndon Fraser
    • Sergio Esteban Redondo
    • Philip Armstrong
    • Phillip Borell
  • Faculty of Business


    • Matthew Scobie
    • Herb de Vries
    • Kuntal Das
    • Philip Gunby
  • Faculty of Law


    • Ruth Ballantyne
    • Annick Masselot
    • Jarrod Gilbert
    • Christian Riffel
  • Faculty of Education


    • Rachel Maitland
    • Nikki Tod
    • Phillip Borell
    • Tracey Millin
  • Faculty of Health


    • Michelle Poulsen
    • Piet van Hasselt
    • Nick Maitland
    • Tracy Clelland
  • Faculty of Engineering


    • Paul Docherty
    • David Evison
    • Christopher Price
    • Nicholas Lam
  • Faculty of Science


    • Seth Harty
    • Angus McIntosh
    • Ashley Garrill
    • Matthew Stott

Support Staff Awards

  • Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year Award


    • Stephan Lukosch
    • Martin Holland
    • Erin Harrington
    • Nicholas Wright
  • Administrator of the Year Award


    • Jasmine Clark
    • Lindsay de Heer
  • Support Services Staff Member of the Year Award


    • Micky Lu
    • George Haswell
    • Jonie Chang
    • Charis Shepherd

Special Awards

  • Superstar Award


    • Donald Matheson
    • Valerie Sotardi
    • Nicholas Lam
    • Gina Tillard
  • Great Character Award


    • Piet van Hasselt
    • Phillip Borell
    • Elizabeth Toomey
    • Gary Gin
  • The Wellbeing Champion Award


    • Annie Potts
    • Tracey Millin
    • Ari Nicholson
    • Ruth Ballantyne
  • Exec Special Awards

    • George Haswell and Katie Mills (COVID-19 Response Team)
    • Jeanine Tamati-Elliffe (Kāi Tahu, Te Ātiawa) and Ripeka Tamanui-Hurunui (Ngāriki Kaiputahi, Te Aitanga-ā-Māhaki, Ngāti Porou) - (Te Waka Pākākano Team) – Te Akatoki Exec Award
    • Viane Makalio (Event Specialist) – Te Akatoki & CUSSA Award

2021 Winners

Lecturer of the Year – College of Arts: Phillip Borell 

Lecturer of the Year – College of Business and Law: Ruth Ballantyne 

Lecturer of the Year – College of Education, Health and Human Development: Rachel Maitland 

Lecturer of the Year – College of Engineering: Phillipa Gourdie 

Lecturer of the Year – College of Science: Greg O’Beirne 

Overall Lecturer of the Year –​ Phillip Borell 

Administrator of the Year  Alison Lowery 

Great Character – Eric Mouhica 

Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year – Anushia Inthiran 

Superstar Award – Heather Wolffram 

Support Services Staff Member of the Year – Jonie Chang 

Technical Staff Member of the Year –​ Siale Faitotonu 

The Wellbeing Champion Award –​ Ruth Ballantyne