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Poet Night

Poetry Event 1080

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm

Venue: Bentleys

Cost: FREE

One of those events that you might not normally go to, but should be part of anyone’s Uni experience. Grab a wine, pretend to be classy and come get some culture.

With a varied line up of UC student poets, covering styles from classical to experimental (like real experimental), this will be an evening that will entertain, excite and challenge.

Amberleigh Rose writes playfully, with good humour and a witty edge. Her observational poetry is surprising, funny, and melancholy. Amberleigh’s work previously debuted at the National Youth Drama School.

Liam Gibson fuses the scientific with the spiritual in romantic poems and dirty rhymes. His study of physics leaks through his work; easily distinguished through its astonishing structural rigidity and scientific imagery. This is his public poetry debut.

3. FELIX ELLIOTT A newcomer to the Christchurch poetry scene, Felix’s poetry is direct, bold, confrontational, and completely fresh. This work has never been seen anywhere before.

Sam JS is a classical poet transforming the world into words through lyric form. Her work has been published across New Zealand. This will be her debut poetry reading.

Josiah Morgan is an experimental poet dealing with the intersection of sex, violence and identity head-on. His debut poetry collection ‘Inside the Castle’ was published in February, 2019, and has been described as ‘The Waste Land for the 21st century’.