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UCSA RE-ORI 2021 | The Chats



UCSA RE-ORI 2021 | The Chats


Date: Friday, July 23, 2021

Time: 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm

Venue: Ngaio Marsh Theatre – Haere-roa

Formed in their mate’s bong shed in Coolum, Queensland 2016 at age seventeen, The Chats represent everything that’s good about Australia and nothing that’s bad: a rebel spirit, gallows humour and the endless hedonistic pursuit of A Bloody Good Time. Cold stubbies within close reach, 24-7.

The Chats describe themselves as “dropkick drongos from the Sunshine Coast of Australia”. It’d be difficult to argue otherwise.

Their dress-down image of mullets, shorts, sports tops, thongs or a sandals-and-socks combo, and cheap sunnies celebrates this fact. But don’t by mislead: The Chats are sharper than you think, and they write killer songs that hold their own in any era.

But where their forefathers cut their teeth on the spit-and-sawdust circuit of beer halls Down Under, The Chats bypassed years driving down dusty Outback roads when the lead single ‘Smoko’ became a 24-carat bona fide viral hit on Youtube. The Chats found themselves propelled from their Queensland shed to almost overnight renown in all the right circles.

More music followed: single ‘Do What I Want’ (“about doing whatever the fuck you want”) and the glorious follow-up ‘Pub Feed’ (a paean to “above average” pub food, including “chicken schnitty”, “parmigiana” and “rump steak – well done”) in 2019, a song that seems destined to take up residence in punk jukeboxes the world over. The Chats document the simple things in life, with songs that transcends language to tap straight into the youthful energy source. It’s a tricky artform that many attempt but at which few succeed. Still in their teens, The Chats have mastered it.

Mozart began composing at the age of four, but these boys were born singing anthems, and their debut album seems destined to be the greatest collection of music ever made, not only in Coolum, Queensland, but the entire universe. Every other musician should probably give up today.

Coming out of Sumner, New Zealand is a unique 5 piece indie alternative rock band, The Butlers. The band consists of, mystery masked man stingy hooligan on the sax and keys. George Berèt with the silky vocals and delicious drums. Jordan Kennedy steering the ship with the bass and dotting that cherry on top with his vocals. Bradley Mervin King melting popsicles with the heat radiating out of his guitar. Finally, Walt Robot running the plays as the fruitful frontman.

The band has spent the last three years touring New Zealand and internationally and are showing no signs of slowing down as tours continue to sell out.

– This Event is R18. Please ensure you have valid proof-of-age ID on you – NZ driver’s license, current Passport, or Kiwi Access card.
– Doors are open for two hours from the advertised start time