Every year, UC students vote for 13 of their peers to represent them, and nominations have just closed. Stay tuned for more info about the candidates and how to have your say.

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The Exec

The Team are the governing body of the UCSA. Their core roles are to oversee the organisation’s performance, give direction, as well as represent students and provide student input.

On any given day they could be attending meetings with UC and UCSA leadership, representing us at Faculty meetings, workshops and events, or talking to students to get feedback.


Key dates

Nominations open 27 July

Nominations close 4 August

Campaigning 8–16 August

Students vote online 17–19 August


Who Can Run?

You don't need to have a massive CV to run – these roles are for student representatives. 

All current UC students (who are UCSA members)* are eligible to run for positions on the Exec, but you’ll need to check out the position descriptions to see what requirements apply for each role.

*Only UC students who are current UCSA members can run – membership is automatic when you enrol to study unless you opt out.


Role Descriptions

You can find full position descriptions below or at UCSA Reception.

Feel free to chat with a UCSA Manager or Student Exec if you have any questions. You can find their emails here.


Fulltime – approximately 40 hours. Provides leadership and a voice for the UCSA, the Executive and students. A few of the duties include chairing meetings, being a media spokesperson, and sitting on UC Council, UC’s governing body. Read more.


Parttime – approximately 20 hours per week. Oversees all of the UCSA’s academic representation at the central level, member of several high-level academic boards and committees at UC, works closely with UCSA Academic Coordinator and UC academic staff, coordinates Executive representation on academic Faculty boards and committees, provides input on new course proposals, supports the UCSA Class Representative system, and deputises for the President when needed. Read more.

Engagement Officer

Parttime – approximately 20 hours per week. Involves a little finance and a lot of student engagement (for example, coming up with social media ideas to inform students about what’s happening on campus as well as supporting Student Exec projects). Read more.

General Executive

Approximately 10 hours. Represents students at UC Faculty meetings. Each General Executive is given a faculty to represent. Read more.

International Representative

Approximately 10 hours. Provides student input to UC and UCSA especially regarding international students’ needs and concerns, builds a sense of community, keeps in communication with international students through their e-newsletter and Facebook group, and also chairs meetings with UCSA’s International Advisory Group to source feedback. Read more.

Postgraduate Representative

Approximately 10 hours. Provides student input to UC and UCSA especially regarding post graduate students, builds a sense of community, keeps up communication with postgraduate students through their e-newsletter, and chairs the Postgraduate Advisory Group meetings. Read more.

Equity and Wellbeing Representative

Approximately 10 hours. Looks for ways to promote equity and wellbeing and inclusivity on campus especially for those students who may feel marginalised. Chairs meetings with their Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group. Read more.




Can I run for more than one role?

Yes, candidates can apply for more than one position; however they can only hold one position. Candidates who are voted in to more than one position will be elected to the highest polled position.


It’s very common for people to run for multiple roles to reflect their interests or to try and boost their chance of getting elected. However, it’s worth considering the combination of roles: e.g. if you are thinking of running for International Rep you could also run for General. Both positions are approximately 10 hours per week and more likely to fit in with your studies and other commitments.


Do I need to run on policies?

Policies help students decide who they’ll vote for. They’re useful for your campaign and they set a direction for your time on the Executive. They might also help you to find common ground with potential running mates.


We generally recommend having a small number of policies and running those ideas by the UCSA’s Management Team to see what’s realistic. It’s also good to remember that if elected, you might not get the chance to achieve all your policies because you’ll be working in a team.


To create one, it might help to think about your own experience on campus and to get feedback from your mates and peers – which issues matter to them?


Do I need a running mate? How do I find one?

It’s up to you whether you’d like to team up or not. If you’d like to run with other people, we’d recommend going to the UCSA’s information sessions and chatting with people there. Just remember running as a team is great as you can support each other but it doesn’t mean your running mates will all be voted on.

Do I need to be a certain year group?

Most roles are open to all year groups but there are some exceptions like the Postgraduate Representative. Check the position descriptions to read their criteria. It’s also worth considering that each role has different time commitments and levels of responsibility – for example, the general executive roles are part-time, but the president is a fulltime position leading a team.

Is it paid?

Members get an ‘honorarium’ for their work, and the amount depends on the role and its hours. The President gets approximately $54,150 in total gross per annum (this includes $34,833 from the UCSA as well as a component from their work as UC Council’s student representative). The Vice-President and Finance & Engagement Officer receive $23,580.36 (gross per annum). Each member of the General Executive get $5,572.70 (gross per annum).

Do you need to have any experience?

These roles are for students (and you’re a student, right?). It may sound corny, but you're an expert in being a student, so back yourself and bring your experiences and perspective to the Student Exec. There are some criteria for each role. To read the details, have a look at the position descriptions – these are available from UCSA Reception and the links above.

Do I have to limit my papers if I go for President, Vice-President or Engagement Officer?

The Vice-President and Engagement Officer are parttime (approx. 25 hours a week). In the past those in these roles have limited their number of papers to about two or three but others have continued with four papers. Consider what workload you feel would enable your academic success alongside a substantial time commitment!

How do I apply / get nominated?

Complete a nomination form from UCSA Reception in Haere-roa (we're up the stairs). You can also download a copy online. The form has brief instructions. You'll need to bring your student ID with you and your nominators and their student IDs.


The nomination form needs to be handed into the UCSA office. Nominations close Thursday 4 August 2022.


How do I run a campaign?

Check out our tips and tricks here. The booklet includes advice on design and more.

What are the Election rules?

Read our a Election Rules and General Information here. You can also contact the Returning Officer with any questions: returningofficer@ucsa.org.nz