New Zealand Tertiary Grappling Games

Saturday 24 August 2024

9am - 5pm

Rec Centre

Canterbury University, Massey University, and University of Auckland go head-to-head in a world first university submission grappling competition. Hosted by Canterbury University, the tournament shall take place 24th August in the Rec Centre.

In a combined effort which has taken over a year to plan, Canterbury University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, University of Auckland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Massey University Grappling Club, (with support from University Tertiary Sport New Zealand), will meet in Christchurch on the 24th of August to battle it out over three events, to be Crowned the NZTGG Champion.

The Games will be divided into three separate events using a Submissions only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu format.

The Singles event is your classic one on one format, first to submit is the victor.

The Tag Team event, trialled by Canterbury University BJJ in September last year, is a 2 v 2 team event using a WWE inspired Tag Team ruleset. First to 5 submissions wins the match.

Finally, we have our super event, Quintet, teams of five will face off in single matches in a winner stays on format. Submit the other team to win.

Please ensure that you are following public health guidelines at all times when attending events.

This event is organised by:
Canterbury University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu