2023 Student Exec Yearbook

Your reps

Meet the 2023 Student Exec Team. They're here to represent your voice on campus and out in the community. They're UCSA's governance body, and they're voted in each year by UC students.*

Their work includes:

  • Helping to make sure that the UCSA’s services are meeting students’ needs. (E.g. events, advocacy, and dental.)

  • Providing UC with student feedback on a wide range of issues from academic and welfare matters to Student Service Levy allocation.

  • Creating UCSA initiatives to support students, like the free Borrow-a-Bike programme and certain events.

  • Giving students a voice on local and national issues.

If you have any issues or questions you’d like to discuss, reach out! Either head to their offices in Haere-roa, flick them an email, or check out their online Suggestion Box here

*The Te Akatoki Representative and Pasifika Student Advisor are co-opted. 



Pronouns: He/him

Role: President

Star sign: Scorpio (I know, I know)

Advice for first years: Go to lectures when you can (it makes your life much easier when exams come around).


Pronouns: He/him

Role: Vice President

Star sign: Virgo

Advice for first years: Try everything because that way you'll know if like things or not.



Pronouns: He/him

Role: Engagement Rep

Star sign: Virgo

Advice for first years: Say hi to someone new – they might be your future best friend.


Pronouns: She/her

Role: Postgrad Rep

Star sign: Capricorn

Advice for first years: If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask! The UCSA Advocacy and Welfare Team is amazing.


Pronouns: She/her

Role: International Rep

Star sign: Virgo

Advice for first years: Keep calm and breathe. Your thoughts are only but a facade of reality. (I hope that makes sense hehe.)


Pronouns: He/him

Role: Equity and Wellbeing Rep

Star sign: I'm a walking red flag as a Gemini

Advice for first years: Get out there and join clubs, go to events, and take advantage of the fun things going on around campus.


Pronouns: she/her

Role: Science Rep

Star sign: Scorpio

Advice for first years: Put more safety pins in your toga.


Pronouns: she/her

Role: Law Rep

Star sign: Aquarius sun, Virgo moon, Aries rising x

Advice for first years: Chat to the people next to you in lectures!


Pronouns: she/her

Role: Education Rep

Star sign: Scorpio

Advice for first years: Hard times can be part of the journey – try not to sweat the small stuff.


Pronouns: He/him

Role:Engineering Rep

Star sign: You'll have to add me on Co-Star

Advice for first years: Get a computer.


Pronouns: He/him

Role: Health Rep

Star sign: I'm an asparagus, jks. I'm a Gemini

Advice for first years: Participate more in the social side of Uni, like clubs and events.


Pronouns: He/him

Role: Arts Rep

Star sign: Leo

Advice for first years: Reach a balance between studies and other things in life.


Pronouns: She/her

Role: Commerce Rep

Star sign: Scorpio

Advice for first years: Buy a desk lamp and diffuser.


Pronouns: He/him

Role: Pasifika Student Advisor

Star sign: Aquarius

Advice for first years: Take advantage of the perks we have as a university student, especially when it comes to saving money; definitely download the V-Plate App, every little cent counts when you’re buying food and drinks on campus heheh. :)

Tia-Raumati McIntyre-Kohinga

Pronouns: She/her

Role: Te Akatoki Rep

Iwi: Te Arawa, Kai Tahu, Ngāti Maniapoto Waikato-Tainui, Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa 

Star sign:  Virgo ✨

Advice for tauira: My advice to our tauira out there is to use the resource around you to ensure academic and personal success! Use the free mentor and academic sessions and systems! 

Join your cultural clubs such as Te Akatoki, Cussa and Cutsa or any other fun clubs! Talk to and build a connection with your lecturers because in the future they could possibly be your connects to opportunities and even jobs! But really, create or join a community for yourself and hold on to it throughout Uni cause believe me, it makes things easier and much more fun! 

Nō reira e ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā pia o tēnei whare wānanga, hei te tau tītoki! 


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