Student bus fares just got cheaper

Time to grab a Metro card ...

Metro’s launching an exciting new discount for tertiary students, and UC are one of the first tertiaries to join up. 

All students studying in Christchurch Campuses enrolled for at least a semester (half the year) are eligible this discount. 

The initial savings are 40% off, and that’s on top of the half price promotion that has been extended until end of Jan 2023. Travelling within Christchurch using the tertiary card is only 75c!

To unlock the savings you need to pick up a new Tertiary Student Metrocard from UCSA Reception, Haere-roa.

Cards are free to order for the rest of 2022. 

One you’ve got your new card it works just like a normal Metrocard.  

The discount is a 2 year trial, so let’s make it a success and travel sustainably! 

Check out for all the details. 




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