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    More Seating in the Undercroft

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    The undercroft has an inefficient and muddled use of furniture, which makes it feel confused whether it should be a dining hall, or a study room. I think it does neither task well because of its low capacity seating plan, and undefined identity. This prioritisation of form over function preemptively limits how many students can utilise the undercroft. More seating could be put into the undercroft, by either replacing existing furniture with more efficient furniture, or adding more seating options. More dense furniture could come as long bench and table rows, which would give the undercroft seating area a more cohesive appearance. Rows would also encourage people to sit near one another and prevent the current issue of high volume, low seating capacity arrangements. More furniture could be added on the raised walkway the goes the length of the undercroft. The primary function of the walkway should be a thoroughfare, however this should not be its only purpose. The seats along here could either by two chaired tables, or a bench which oversees the lower seating area, and spans the length of walkway. The undercroft feels like it needs more character, I do not know what that character should be, because it does lack a sense of identity and I feel this absence whenever I enter it. The hallway feels empty apart from students walking through, and most students do not because the hallway is not an inviting third place, and it is not the fastest way to reach most locations on opposite sides of the library: for more students to utilise the undercroft, it needs to be more accommodating of students. In summary, the undercroft would greatly benefit from a dense seating plan with larger, shared tables, and tables along the side of the upper walkway.
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