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    Excessive Brightness of Electronic Billboard on UCSA building

    • Haere-roa
    The new electronic billboard on the UCSA Building is excessively bright. It illuminates the entire car park and surrounding areas and is so bright after dark it's unbearable to look at. The billboard should only operate from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or turn it off at dusk. Surely the UCSA turns a high enough profit not to need to bombard students and faculty with advertisements too?
Milz Lee
7:51am on 22 Feb 24 i think the time limit is definitely a good idea, id even be fine with 9-8 if profitability is an issue. turning it off would surely save some power too
Daniel Rickerby
3:09pm on 16 Jul 24 Alternatively dimming the brightness in the evening, as when it is raining at night it can be seen from at least Kirkwood Avenue