Class Reps are student representatives who act as liaisons between classes and lecturers.  Each class should have its own elected or volunteer class rep, whose task is to be the first point of contact for students to help resolve class issues at a low level, and thereby help to avoid bigger problems later.

Class Reps are trained and will offer guidance and support for their classmates on general course issues.  This includes things which the whole class has issues with.  They can help you communicate your issues to the lecturer.  Class Reps also provide feedback to the relevant departments and to the UCSA about how things are going with your course.

Class Reps can’t help you with individual issues.  It is best to approach the lecturer yourself with these problems, or ask advice from the UCSA Advocacy and Welfare Team by emailing

Looking for your Class Rep?

LAWS101 – Legal System: Legal Method and Institutions
James Huntley
LAWS110 – Legal Foundations, Research and Writing
James Huntley

Want to become a class rep?

You MUST ASK YOUR LECTURER if you are/can be the class rep before submitting this form!

Please DO NOT SUBMIT until you have confirmed with your lecturer!

If you have any questions about becoming a class rep, please contact the Class Rep Coordinator at!