Notice: UCSA Dental is fully booked for the rest of 2021

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


With the New Year approaching, we’re looking afresh at our Dental Service. We’ve heard your voices and have taken your feedback on board. We also understand that there are limitations to the current service model that students find unfair.

Therefore, the UCSA has made the difficult decision to transition to dental subsidies and close the UCSA Subsidised Dental Clinic at the end of 2021.

This decision was made so that we can undertake an analysis and review of future service models to determine what is required to ensure we are providing the best and most fair subsidised dental care to UC students. In the interim, UC students will be provided dental subsidies for 2022 while this review is undertaken. We will announce how the new structure will work in due course.

Please be assured that we are dedicated to finding the most equitable and effective way for the UCSA to offer a subsidised dental service to UC students.

A big thank you to the UCSA Dental Team. The Dental Clinic has operated since 2013 and over the years has seen nearly 9,000 students. This would not be possible without our amazing staff.

If you wish to share your views on the plan, please feel free to contact

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to announcing our plan for 2022.

Post-Operative Care:


It is safe to eat after treatment but use caution. Avoid chewing on your cheeks or burning your mouth while you are still numb. If the filling material used was Equia/Fuji 2/Fuji 7 (our dentist will let you know), it is recommended to avoid sticky/chewy food for the day.

It is quite normal to have pain and sensitivity for 2-3 weeks after deep fillings. Using sensitive toothpaste (such as Colgate pro-relief) will help in this period. Outside of the 3 week time period, if pain persists, contact UCSA to arrange a follow-up appointment. Going on a flight directly after treatment can cause discomfort. Taking an anti-inflammatory such as Nurofen should help with any discomfort related to fillings. Please contact the Uni Pharmacy to talk about pain relief options (phone number is below).

The filling may feel unnatural when you bite down. You may find after a week or so, it starts to feel normal again. If it still seems too high after a week, let us know and we can try to adjust it.

Hygiene (Teeth Cleaning)