Kia ora!

The UCSA is excited to welcome you to our vibrant and diverse University. No matter where you are from, or who you are, we are pleased you chose to come to UC.

My name is Derrick and I am a fourth-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) student. Originally born in India, I moved to Auckland when I was just a year old and decided to come down to Christchurch to study at UC. As a result, it has been the best time making friends and forming unforgettable memories. My hobbies include basketball, piano, pool/poker and anything tech or space!

This year I am the International Representative on the UCSA, and I am eternally honoured and grateful for this position. A personal philosophy of mine is the quality of your life is determined by the people you hang out with, and if you surround yourself with diverse characters, you will have experiences and gain a perspective you could have never imagined. With the increase in international students from all over the globe, the UCSA understands how important you are in helping shape the University and the city of Christchurch. We are working incredibly hard to make sure your life here is an unforgettable and invaluable experience filled with opportunities and friendships.

The UCSA is here to help you, whether it is through our representation of students, our advocacy and wellbeing services, the food and drink options and all the student events at UC. Throughout the year I will have a strong focus on the international community at UC and look forward to bringing you new events, initiatives and policies that keep you involved and engaged in Christchurch.

If you have any questions or need any help, get in contact with the UCSA Team! I would love to hear from you, too; so send me an email on

All the best with your studies and enjoy your time at UC.

Warm Regards,

Derrick Edward

International Representative, 2020 UCSA Executive

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Making friends and getting involved in campus life

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Join a club or society. There's around 160 of them, ranging from sports and academics to volunteering, cultural and religious groups. Seriously – there's something for everyone.
  • Take up a sport. Sports are a big part of kiwi culture, especially rugby (we're kind of obsessed). So, joining a sports team or checking out the UC Rec Centre is a good way to get to know new people (and stay fit, obvs).
  • Become a volunteer. This a great way to get involved in the wider community. The UC club Student Volunteer Army is really popular here, and there's also VolunteerNZ.
  • Make the most of Orientation and Re-Orientation. This is when there are loads of new students on campus and everyone's getting to know each other. At the start of the year, the UCSA holds two weeks' of events, including the International Student Welcome and Kia Ora Bro. Mid-year, we hold ticketed gigs, plus free events like markets and lunches.
  • Spend some time on social media. There are a few big Facebook groups on campus where you can connect with students. The UCSA Noticeboard, the UC Postgraduate Students' Association (UC PGSA) Noticeboard and the UC International Student Noticeboard are all popular.
  • Check out UC events. The UCSA has a full events calendar for students, and the clubs do a lot too.