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Menstruation Emergency - New

If you are caught without, ask for a tampon or pad! 

If you experience menstruation/periods, you would have probably experienced a time (or two, or three) when you need a tampon or pad and you can’t find one in your bag!

Well, the Help team at UCSA Advocacy & Welfare is here to help UC students who find themselves in this predicament!

UCSA Help has the “Menstruation Emergency” service.  So if you or your friend get caught out, need a tampon or pad but can’t find one, don’t panic.

All you have to do is come into UCSA reception and either say “I would like some tampons/pads” or, if you prefer, “I have a M.E.” or something similar, and one of our respectful and discreet staff will sort you out.  It’s that easy.

(Both regular and super varieties available.  Every pack contains two products, and the tampon pack includes a panty liner as well.)

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Available at the UCSA.