The Dr Tech Charger Library

Forgot your phone or laptop charger? The Dr Tech Charger Library is now live! To hire a charger for free, bring your UC ID to the UCSA reception.

Available chargers:

  • USB-C Macbook Charger
  • Lightning to USB Cable
  • Micro USB and USB Type C Chargers
  • Apple MagSafe Power Adapter
  • Microsoft OEM Surface Pro 3/Pro 4 Power Adapter
  • HP OEM Notebook Power Adapter/Charger
  • ASUS OEM Notebook Power Adapter/Charger
  • USB to Wall Plug

NB: While there are more than one of most chargers, hiring out chargers will be done on a first-in-first-served basis. Chargers will be loaned for a maximum of four hours, and will need to be swapped for your UC ID.