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International Students Advisory Group (IAG)

The IAG's role is to offer support and pass on student feedback to the International Rep who sits on our Exec Team, as well as to the CEO. The IAG help to make sure that international students have a voice in the UCSA. They're focused on addressing student needs and helping international students feel like a valued part of the UC community (because of course they are!).

If you want to know more about the IAG, take a peek at the Charter here.


Post-Graduate Advisory Group

Post-Grad advisory

This group supports the Post-Grad Rep who sits on our Exec Team. Their role is to represent the interests of post-grads by providing the UCSA Exec with advice and student feedback. 

The group meet at least four times a year to go over feedback and to work on materials, policies and events.

If you're curious to know more about the Group, take a look at the Charter here.

Equity & Wellbeing Advisory Group (EWAG)

equity & wellbeing Advisory

EWAG supports the work of the Equity and Wellbeing Rep who sits on our Exec Team. They aim to represent the needs of students and make sure they have a strong voice in the UCSA. The group give advice and make recommendations on issues of culture, diversity and inclusiveness to the Exec.

EWAG also provide advice to the student reps on the UC Central Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee (CEDAC) to help them represent student opinion on diversity and equity issues involving UC.

EWAG may also act as a reference group on UCSA materials, policies, and events as well as for CEDAC when looking for a student perspective.

For more information on the fine folk of EWAG, take a look at the Charter here.

To get in touch with the Equity and Wellbeing Representative, email: