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In 2022 we had 164 Affiliated clubs with 21 being either new or resurrected! In 2023 we hope to see that number GROW!

Is there a club you find lacking on campus? Do you have something new and different that Canterbury University Campus is lacking? Then you’re at the right place. Please contact our Clubs Development Coordinator at to get the ball rolling. To check out how to start a new club and to tap into the resources available head on over to the Clubs Knowledge Base.

Below we have a list of clubs, societies, and student organizations of days gone by. If there’s a club you wish to resurrect you can adopt it and bring it back to the active status!

Please note, this database is a work-in-progress as UCSA staff continue to delve into the archives and uncover more clubs and add more information to the listings we already have.

Inactive Clubs

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