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Canterbury University Snow Sports Club (CUSSC)



Formed: 1941
Fee: $25.00

Daniel Dorton Brand

Max Turner

Sam Bonthron

Harry Woodyear-Smith

Canterbury University Snow Sports Club (CUSSC)

Whether it be skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, or even monoskiing we welcome you with open arms. With our very own 50 bunk lodge located at Temple Basin in the heart of the Southern Alps. During the powder packed winter months CUSSC runs many events with some of the best terrain and the friendliest smiles to be found in the world. Experience CUSSC during themed weekends such as 80s Weekend, Mid-winter Christmas and the legendary Bivouac Freeride during Ski Week. We also host waxing and repair nights to keep you afloat through the whirlwind of winter sends.
During the off season we runs events such as movies nights, trampoline sessions, ice skating and the biggest ski sale in the South Island to get you kitted out and ready for the season.

Sign up, get involved, and start the rest of your life through the rose tinted glasses of a ski bum.