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Habib Soc



Formed: 2019
Fee: $5

Manar Ibrahim

Pierre Ghobrial

Rohan Chakrabarti

Habib Soc

Habib Soc offers middle eastern culture and taste in a range of events. It brings together different cultures on campus and joins them together for new experiences. Habib Soc is known for their annual ‘Arabian Nights’ event where people come together to dance, eat and have fun. In the 2019 UCSA Food Festival, Habib Soc won the ‘Best Food’ prize for a middle eastern sweet, basbousa. Habib Soc has also collaborated with Fume and UC Spanish Club in events. In 2021, we are wanting to be bigger ad better! We are planning more food, more music, more dancing and more people. Come join the middle eastern culture and show us yours in 2021. Membership fee includes middle eastern sweets!