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UC Climbing Club



Fee: $20

Tessa van den Beuken

Marina Comeskey

Zoë Marshall-Means

Maayan Levy

UC Climbing Club

Back in the day, in a time long past, I decided walking up hills was lame. I wanted to get to the top of things in one of the most inconvenient ways possible.

Whether you’re experienced, or would like to learn how to vertically shimmy, we’re the club for you.

Don’t be put off if you’ve never climbed a thing before, we’ll pop you on a staircase and start you from there.

Staircases not your vibe? Use the club to network and find a belay buddy and a couple of people to carry your gear.

Speaking of gear, if you’re poor like me, you can borrow our gear for free!

Or even better, make yourself slightly poorer because we get some very sexy discounts from our very sexy sponsors.

To conclude, climbing is sexy, you are sexy, let’s get together sometime 😉