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UC Gaming Guild



Formed: 2010
Fee: Free

Jacob Pfennig

Julia Langrish

UC Gaming Guild

UCGG is a club run for gamers by gamers. We provide a selection of video gaming events on campus for a variety of different gaming styles and players.

Some of the events we run include our LAN Parties, “Freeplay” events where anyone can just drop in and play games like Guitar Hero and Jack Box throughout the day, Bar Nights that are filled with retro consoles and a good mix of drinks, Quiz Nights, and any tournaments of your favorite games.

Also check out our weekly gaming nights, a space where you can meet up with members of the club week to week. Party games and pizza run guarenteed!

If this sounds like you, come and join us! Membership is free!
Come say hello on our discord where we chat and post about all events at;