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UC Pong Society (PongSoc)



Formed: 2016
Fee: $5

Oliver Munan

Caleb Dell

Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart

UC Pong Society (PongSoc)

Hey you! Welcome to the UC Pong Society.
PongSoc is all about creating a fun and exciting environment where we can all gather and appreciate the beautiful game of beer pong, while meeting new people and eating some good food.
You can sign up to a singles or doubles competition and battle your way to becoming an elite beer pong athlete! All members of PongSoc will be welcome at the parties, so all you need to bring is a good attitude, and a love for our great game.
We will also hold a major tournament where members can battle to become the ruling champion of PongSoc. Prizes include bragging rights – and cash prizes.
So if you’re all about the good times and want to meet some new people while taking a break from your busy timetable, sign up to PongSoc and be part of one of the coolest clubs on campus.
Events are being planned as we speak – so sign up, invite your mates and let’s play some pong!