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UC Spanish Club



Fee: $5.00

Raymond Fitzgerald Blanco

Michelle Hay

Henry Chapman

Samuel Bull

UC Spanish Club

Hola a todos! Bienvenidos and welcome to the UC Spanish Club! This club is a place for Hispanic and Latin American students to mix and mingle with Kiwis or non-native Spanish speakers in a fun and friendly environment! Whether you want to learn, practice, or improve your Spanish language, or you are just interested in the Hispanic world: food, culture, music – you name it, we love it as well!
Being a member of this club means you’ll be invited to events such as: Foundry meet-ups, movie nights, zumba, cultural presentations with Q n A events, bingo nights (para practicar los numeros!), and don’t forget our annual Spanglish Karaoke night!
Sharing this amazing language and culture is what we do best – our exec is a mixture of Kiwis who have travelled through Spain and/or Latin America, as well as native Spanish speakers from Chile, Spain, Mexico, and more! Hasta pronto, amigos 🙂