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UCASS – UC Amateur Sports Society



Formed: 2019
Fee: $10

Patrick Bell | Caleb Fraser

Tui Preston

Tayla Macbeth

UCASS – UC Amateur Sports Society

Are you trying to avoid putting on the fresher five? Or do you want to keep in shape to nab a cheeky pull at mono? Maybe you’re an ex-athlete who would rather win a keg-race than a running race? Whatever the story, we have the perfect club for you! UCASS brings events that provide the opportunity to get on the pitch, on the piss – or both.

In all seriousness, this club is a great way to get involved without needing to be a pro. With a range of award-winning events on the cards, UCASS is UC’s Supreme Club.

For the best value membership, free social sport (saving you $$$), the sickest shirts and events – we’re a must-do on campus!

Don’t miss out, check out UCASS on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up on Clubs Day 2021!

UC Amateur Sports Society; Because being a pro is overrated.