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University of Canterbury Motorsport



Formed: 2013
Fee: Free
Find Us: Formula SAE Workroom: 24 Kirkwood Ave

Felix Edgar

Will Eldridge

Oscar Johns

William Rangi

University of Canterbury Motorsport

University of Canterbury Motorsport, known as UCM, provides the opportunity for students to be involved in the daily operations of a motorsport team. The technical side of the team includes the design, manufacture, and operation of an open-wheel formula-style race car. Learn incredible skills such as working with composite materials, use of cutting edge manufacturing methods, and advanced computer simulation. On the other hand marketing, sponsorship, and finances are also vital aspects of our team. In 2021, we’ll continue to develop our 4WD electric platform to win the Australasian Formula Student competition, part of the world’s largest student design competition. There’s a role for everyone in our ever-expanding team and no experience is necessary, so get involved and learn some fantastic skills that are highly respected in the industry.